Visitors Parking is a custom designed web-app that allows Property Managers and staff to easily manage designated tenant and visitors parking spots.
The app is specifically tailored to meet the needs of Condominium Corporations (who cannot charge for Visitors Parking) and large residential and/or commercial rental properties who have on-going parking control issues.

Visitors Parking offers an affordable (and, in many cases, even profitable) remedy to all of your property management parking headaches:

  • No more residents parking 2nd (3rd, 4th) vehicles in Visitors and unoccupied condo spaces without paying
  • No more Visitors abusing the parking restrictions
  • No more lost time patrolling your parking lots

Cost recovery? Yes! Even if you cannot charge for visitors parking spaces. Got your attention? Great - here’s how it works.

Register your parking lots assign supervisor and manage these from anywhere 24/7.
Supervisors can manage all passes online and monitor all visitors parking spots based on the tenant they are visiting.
Visitors simply register their vehicle online for a one, two or three day pass.

Visitors Parking allows lot owners to register their parking lot(s), assign supervisors to manage each and view reports. The manager will then be able to register assigned and non-assigned resident spots and all visitors parking spots and manage these from anywhere they have Internet access, 24/7 (add, delete or rename residential or visitors spots). Supervisors can also manage all passes online (set/change expiry dates on any residential or visitors passes, create/delete passes, etc.) and they will be able to see which unit a visitor occupying a visitor’s spot is staying in.

Visitors (or residents on behalf of their visitors) simply register their vehicle online (at zero cost) for a 1, 2 or 3 day pass (no one will be permitted to register for more than 3 days in any 7-day period without authorization from management. Lot owners/managers have the ability to override this restriction and grant longer-term stays). All of the information will be clearly posted on your signage both in the lot and inside your building (owners choose if/where to post interior signage).


Visitors Parking will handle all of your Ottawa based parking enforcement. As part of the service, our preferred security partner will send scheduled mobile patrols to monitor your lot. They will be able to access your lot registry online and easily identify any vehicles that do not belong or have not registered.

Our security agents are authorized to write City of Ottawa tickets that are highly enforceable. They are also able to tow repeat offenders (property owners retain the right to request cancellation of a ticket that they feel has been given in error).

Not in Ottawa? Not a problem. We will assist you in selecting a Security firm to set up parking enforcement services.We will connect with your chosen firm and train the patrol guards on our system so that you can take full advantage of the Visitors Parking program.

How does this make you money?

Simple - by recovering your lost revenue. For example, if you have 100 resident parking spaces available and 50 of those are being paid for by residents, at a rate of $100 per month, the other 50 should be unoccupied and visitors parking spots should ONLY be occupied by legitimate visitors.

The trouble is, with no way to properly manage and enforce this rule, residents with multiple vehicles (or long-term unregistered guests) tend to abuse the unoccupied spaces (tantamount to theft).

Visitors Parking eliminates this issue immediately and entirely. If you have only 10 unauthorized vehicles on your lot, based on this example, Visitors Parking will immediately recover $1000 per month in lost revenue.

Let’s talk about putting that money back into your coffers today. Contact Us to become a partner

Visitors Parking Features

  • Easily import all of your existing parking data from spreadsheet format
  • Delegate the management of your lots in a few clicks
  • Custom contractor passes
  • Password secure so that actual visitors park in your lots
  • Manage booking of party rooms and facilities
  • Manage monthly tenant parking
  • Easy up-to-date enforcement
  • Limit and track use of Visitor spaces